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Welcome to the new Meteringonline Web Portal. Meteringonline now has a totally new and improved look and feel and much more functionality.

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Energy Management


Meteringonline contains a number of advanced energy management tools to assist in effectively managing your energy consumption. It is our aim to provide you, the customer, with accurate up-to-date data to enable you to make informed decisions and take the whatever action is appropriate for your particular circumstances to ensure that you effectively manage energy consumption.

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Meteringonline is equipped with a rich assortment of graphs and reports available to the user which translate metering data into metering and financial information. Graphs showing detailed profile information, billing reports and performance benchmarking are all available from the Meteringonline desktop without relying on IT resources or additional software.

Tariff Engine


Meteringonline is first and format a financial tool and not just a simple automatic meter reading system. Meteringonline incorporates a powerful tariff engine. Virtually any tariff imaginable in any currency can be catered for. Bills are run at periods requested by the customer and made available online.

Industrial Applications



Meteringonline offers a systematic and automated online approach to managing electricity, water and gas consumption, both at supply points to manage actual costs as well as within the industrial plant itself, particularly where costs and efficiencies need to be moinitored for large-scale production lines with a great number of manufacturing procedures and steps are involved or divisions within the organisation with separate cost centres must be seperately accounted for.
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Sub-metering Applications



Meteringonline provides a comprehensive sub-metering system for multi tenanted commercial buildings such as shopping malls and commercial buildings. Billing information for tenants is provided to the property manager in electronic format which integrates seamlessly with the existing billing system used. A powerful suit of performance reporting facilities is provided. Read More

Utilities and Municipalities



Meteringonline uses state of the art smart metering data acquisition technology to communicate with utility meters automatically. Metering data is converted into metering information with reports and graphical interfaces to allow commercial and industrial customers to better understand their energy usage and improve business performance. Billing information is generated monthly and seamlessly integrated with the Utility's billing system. Read More

Retail Applications



Meteringonline provides an ideal platform for utility managers of retail outlets charged with the responsibility of managing utility costs for an entire national chain of outlets. The system provides powerful aggregation and reporting facilities to allow the utility manager to assess the performance of each outlet or group of outlets against pre-determined benchmarks. Read More



It now possible to directly communicate with electricity meters using a standard TCP/IP connection over the Internet. The E-Link Ethernet to RS232 Switch allows up to four meters to be connected to a single IP address on different ports. The RS232 protocol used on the meters need not be the same as each communication channel is 100% independent. The E-Link comes with a simple internal Web browser aplication to facilitate configuration and commissioning.


African Utility Week

As a proud exhibitor of African Utility Week, we would like to invite you to attend Africa’s leading water and power exhibition. Please visit the Meteringonline stand number L03 at the event between 14 and 15 May 2013.

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